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Governors Cessna

Governors Aviation operates two Cessna Grand Caravans (5Y-GCA and 5Y-FDA).The Caravan has been in production for over 25 years. Designed by Cessna to be simple, rugged and very reliable, the Caravan has flown in almost every part of the world by civilian, government and military organisations.
The Caravan is hugely popular for bush operations due to its powerful and very reliable Pratt & Whitney engine, large wheels and high wing design giving it exceptional STOL (short take off and landing) capabilities. Its high wing and large windows also makes it very popular with our the passengers, giving them an unrivaled view of the terrain and animals below.
Both our aircraft are piloted by professional, fully rated and trained pilots with many hours of bush flying under their belts.Governors Aviation Caravans are configured to carry up to 12 passengers each and both have a large cargo pod underneath.

During high season Governors Aviation will operate 3 aircraft. This means Governors Aviation will continue to be the best way to get clients fast to our properties without the inconvenience of multiple stops en route

Maintenance standards

Governors Aviation employs a maintenance manager with over 20 years experience and a Safety manager with over 20,000 flight hours and over 20 years airline experience.

Governors Cessna


Governors Aviation has Premier insurance with AIG, coupled with Lloyds of London reinsurance

Insurance cover

Combined single limit of US $ 25 million in any one incident, any on aircraft for 3rd party, passenger, passenger baggage and personal articles and cargo and mail liability.